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“I thought you were dead.”

“That’s what I’ve heard.”

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book 2

Pitted against the status quo, government, money, power—and pure evil, our hero, Matthew, and his enchanting and determined sidekick, Maria, fight to reclaim control over their future. On the morning of 9/11, the FBI director interrogates Matthew’s enigmatic mentor, aka, Zebo. Our All-American savant is dead-set on finding the truth about people and events that have pursued him these past years, perhaps since birth. Every step proves to be more dangerous than the last.

The second Perpetual adventure abounds with twists and turns, opening with a strange professor displaying a bizarre obsession. The plot spins around the globe to a grand-master Shaolin priest awaiting his death, and then to Russia where a young agent is determined to end Western power and regain Stalin-like rule over his country. He sends his best assassin to meet Matthew while four surly soldiers board a container ship in Soul, also bound for Boston.

Peace in the Maine North Woods is precious to Matthew and Maria as they prepare for a big move. Trouble converges on their haven in Cambridge. Can Matthew trust his highly-decorated Marine hero brother? Can he believe a fellow MIT genius with a dangerous secret of his own? Can Matthew avoid a stalker only known as Black Cap? Can he trust his friends? Can he trust anyone?

Trained assassins, the Illuminati, a serial killer,and Genghis Khan reincarnated all stalk our heroes. Perpetual delivers tasty reading pleasure as you unfold government conspiracies involving international espionage that follow the headlines of yesteryear and perhaps predicts events yet to unfold.

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