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..explosive beginning maintained throughout this thriller. I’m looking forward to Brian Huey’s next novel.

— Phil Joyce President,

The Lakeland Group



With the rising price of oil threatening global economies and the search for alternative energy sources making the news everyday, this exciting story is a wild ride but one which could actually happen. Mixing the U.S. government’s various intelligence agencies, big oil interests and Middle East terrorists Perpetual leaves you wondering who the good or bad guys really are! Combine all of this with the developing tale of relationships between families and friends on a personal level and you have a narrative with many intriguing characters and very engaging plot twists.

— Lee and Jim Fleischer.

Avid readers of current day thrillers



. . . an intensely gripping novel that throws you immediately into the battle of energy development while interesting twists and turns accellerate you towards the climax.  Where is book #2?

                                                                                            — Carolyn Suther  

Engineer & Photographer 



PERPETUAL reads like a run-away train ride . . . People and places seem familiar at first, then like passing through a dark tunnel, the reader emerges into a brightly lit world of intrigue and suspense.

     — John J. Rego Member, Rego & Roy,

LLC President, Phunny Pharm Entertainment 

Cincinnati, Ohio


. . . after reading Perpetual you’ll be wanting more. The Cussler, Grisham and Lee Child fans will be adding Brian Huey to their list of favorites. The tempo, fascinating characters and the intriguing storyline will capture you . . . get comfortable, you can’t put it down!

                                                                                     – Eddie Booth National Accounts Manager 

North Carolina


Who doesn’t love a page turner and Perpetual is that from page one! From the unassuming and intimate introduction to the characters, from the first chapter to the last, you careen through the continual broadside of events with them, wondering when and how it will ever end. Pick up this book when you have time to read it all!

                                                                           — Marsha Donahue 

Owner & Artist North Light Gallery 



I loved the high level of tension and suspense throughout the book, punctuated by the budding romance of Matthew and Maria.  Once I started reading, I didn’t want to stop.  I look forward to the next book . . .

                                                          — Debra Grzybowski 

Senior Recruitment Specialist Federal Express 



Brian Huey sets out the problem of who is going to control the world’s energy, the solution being sought by assassinations and intimidation. He opens the door to the greed driven politics of those seeking money and power. He gives a voice to this timely question in a way one would think they are reading a newspaper reporting current events. It’s a tough book to put down.

                                                                                                     — Morton C. Nickell Mr. Nickell’s rich biography                                                                                      was accentuated after retirement as an instructor in the

Criminal Justice Department, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte


I have always been a Tom Clancy fan, so Perpetual is right down my ally.  And I’m already looking forward to Perpetual (2).

                                                                                                                                      — Dorothy Miller Bellville,



I really loved your novel . . . I am really trying to get my boys interested. The story is
exciting and raises issues that I would love for them to put more thought
into today! Thanks for writing something that is relevant to society’s issues,and at the same time is a novel that a whole family can read.

                                                                                                                                    — Karen Darmody Charlotte,



“Unlike most thrillers, Perpetual has a deep family message with the Jackson’s and Carson’s in Indiana and the Eaton’s of Northern Maine. Perpetual will make a great screenplay.”

–Marty Kelso, Editor, Writer, Charlotte,



Ludlum. Crichton. Clancy, Uris.  Each has the capacity to make me into a page-turning, I’ll-get-some-sleep-tomorrow, frenetic.  Each builds wonderful fiction on a solid base of fact. Add to that list NAELB member, Brian Huey.  But Brian adds another facet: He has the refreshing literacy and humor of my favorite suspense writer, Trevanian.
In Brian’s first novel, Perpetual, he creates a diverse set of characters – scientists, mercenaries, politicians, terrorists, OPEC ministers, and a brilliant young science student, Matthew Eaton, whom you don’t want to leave. (Don’t worry, sequels are on the way!) Brian puts them into situations based on today’s – and tomorrow’s – headlines. Like all good fiction, Perpetual makes you re-think what is going on around you: Energy policy, politics, military adventure – all are in play.
Make no mistake: This is not a cocktail table book. This is an adventure to read. It is a story that, while extraordinarily entertaining, will stay with you. Every time you see another gas price spike, or open your utility bill, you’ll remember Brian’s wonderful characters, and hope that somewhere, somehow, a real-life Matthew is at work in his research lab.
I encourage you to enjoy this adventure. Perpetual is available at, Barnes & Noble, and Borders. Or, a signed copy can be obtained from

— Barry Reitman, AUTHOR of MEMORY SHOCK