Author Bio

About Brian, the Perpetual Writer 

Born in Westlake, Ohio. Brian received a BS in economics and a BA in public policy from the University of North Carolina. He competed as a swimmer and springboard diver at Connecticut and UNC. His experience ranges from an assistant to the NC Attorney General to CEO of corporations in various industries. Brian’s writing voice developed over the years while climbing the corporate ladder and then diving off into a wilderness of many entrepreneurial ventures.

Since those early years, he has owned businesses in advertising, manufacturing, and finance, taken a company public and a sat on the board of national and international associations. All the while Brian continued to write short stories, screenplays, TV pilots and manuscripts, including the Perpetual series. He says he has experienced firsthand that he agrees with Mark Twain, reality truly is stranger than fiction. Brian competes in triathlons and master swimming.  When asked about Cracker Jack, he replied, “Stay tuned. Tomorrow is another day.”  He lives near Charlotte, North Carolina, USA where he is turning the page to start another Perpetual chapter.  Watch for books 4 and 5 in the near future.


Isle of Skye, Scotland

“. . . I completed Perpetual Search on the top of a mountain, [now the collectors first edition in the series] on a near desolate inlet called Elgol, on the Isle of Skye, known as the ends of the Earth.  William Wallace (Braveheart) was purported to have camped here, hidden from the English. I could almost feel his presence.