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“No government or corporation will control my life’s work. CJ Energy will be free to the world, or nobody gets it at all!” Dr. Jackson exclaimed.

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Book 1

The Perpetual series of novels burst off the first page when Matthew witnesses three men gun downed in front of a Miami diner. Matthew and his beautiful sidekick, Maria, are handed the keys to solving one of society’s greatest dilemmas—how the world can fuel its insatiable energy demands. Drawn by a chance encounter into the life of a charismatic stranger called Cracker Jack, Matthew is soon dodging bullets from evildoers—to whom profit trumps life.

While Matthew and Maria take flight along the East Coast in a battered VW Bus, seemingly unrelated events unfold around the globe, some forced into motion decades before Matthew was born. Can Matthew trust those closest to him? Can he trust the CIA and FBI? Can he trust anyone?

Pitted against daunting forces—U.S. government-trained assassins, industrial giants, and extremists—trouble abounds at every turn. Their allies, a disheveled FBI agent and a mysterious philanthropic tutor, may be helpless to save them. Matthew’s choices will alter his destiny and the future of all those around him, choices that could change the fate of the entire world.