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Maria felt for the scalpel in her lab coat pocket.

She walked toward the source of the sound and stopped near the darkest corner of the morgue basement.

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Book 3

Malicious nemeses continue to plot against Matthew and Maria as they race toward destiny. Book three sets in place the pieces of a puzzling mosaic, while Matthew and Maria attempt to live a normal academic existence in an idyllic Cambridge setting. With an extrasensory gift for finding evidence and unraveling clues, Maria focuses on the files of murdered college students. A famous criminal profiler and Boston’s chief medical examiner look to Maria to stop the killer from striking again. All the while, Matthew advances his studies in law and science as he struggles to solve the mystery of Dr. Jackson’s miracle of science, the most significant quantum energy quest in history.

The ghost of Cracker Jack, the three dead crows, Matthew’s nefarious brother, and the Jobrani Maher brothers confound the sharpest law enforcement minds. Does Chief Tanner have the answers? Is Estebanez MIA? Will Agent Flannigan fail again? Who is Alex Scofield? Who is Francis O’Connell? Who is stalking Penelope? Time is running out as the hours click away.

Book three in the Perpetual series trolls through the hooking plots of the first two books. Once again, Matthew and Maria’s lives encounter chaos. Perpetual Abduction reels you in toward a heart-wrenching end.


—    Books four and five in the Perpetual series,

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