Acknowledgments  /   Partial list  *

Above all, I thank my Lord, the author and finisher of my faith. —Hebrews 12:2 NKJV

To my father.

James E. Huey (1930–2016) was born and raised in the mining towns of Pennsylvania. Pop contributed sixty years of service to other veterans. He was an avid reader. When Dad liked Perpetual, I knew there was hope.


And my mother.

Darlee Anderson Huey is a southern bell, born in Petal, Mississippi. She met Dad in 1954 while visiting Aunt Alice in Cleveland, Ohio. It was part of a family conspiracy. Mom is a faith filled woman, tremendously creative, an avid photographer, botanist and ornithologist.

In gathering the details to tell the tale of the Jackson’s and Eaton’s, and their quest to make the world a better place, any mistakes remain my own.

Regarding debts that cannot be repaid, thank you to my family, friends, and associates who have contributed their wisdom, expertise, patience, and time to deliver the Perpetual series of novels to you.

Professional research advice:

Many of those mentioned here offered their professional services and advice:


Carolyn Souther, photographer and friend. Thanks for the horse! Thanks a lot.


Jacob Bigham. A genius.  Cover artist Perpetual 1st Edion (c) 2008.

Benjamin Hutchens. Cover artist for Perpetual Search 2nd edition (c) 2018; Perpetual Assassins (c) 2018 ;  Perpetual Abducted (c) 2018 revisions (c) 2023

Sue Fox/ London/ UK – Linguistics professional. Cockney slang. She correctly ascertains that Val Hare speaks an exagerated Cockney that would not be heard on the streets of East London.

OCME : Holly Olko, Lead Investigator/ Connecticut.

OCME : Lauren Brill, D-ABMDI: Registered Diplomate of American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators, Snohomish County, Washington.

Thank you to my friends in LA/Hollywood (prayers continue for those effected by the fires)

Brian Espinosa – Manager/Agent/Producer at Optimism Entertainment

William Blaylock – Manager/Agent/ Optimism Entertainment

Gilbert Adler – Adler Productions/ Producer (Superman Returns/ Valkerie/ Constantine among many others.

Antonia Bogdanovich/ Producer and Writer

Stay tuned. There are good things to come.

* If I inadvertently left you out – send me an email and in the subject line write: “I know where Cracker Jack is.”

Perpetual is an ongoing research project as well as a story of adventure, conspiracy and, well, love & hate, good & evil . . .

So, thanks goes out to friends, family and colleagues; to professionals in certain disciplines like law enforcement, forensics and military;  to many folks living and gone that offered Knowles and expertise adding just the right flavors to every page.

Family: You know who you are, and it’s a large list. Like branches on a tree, we grow in many different directions, but we have the same inexorable roots.(1) How fortunate we all are. Thank you for your support all of these years.

Friends:  You know who you are.  If you are not yet on this list, I may be protecting you as a source. Think “Shades of Blue” meets “Elementary”.  Thank you for your encouragement, advice and good humor.


Martha Wood Taylor – The true red schoolhouse teacher, and every child’s advocate. You are a positive force in the universe.

Deborah Draudt Gryzbowski (1960-2014).

Rebecca Sellers – there from the first Caribou.

Marsha Donahue – there from the first live caribou / Millinocket

Bruce McLean – a wealth of knowledge. Local. Military. Global.

All of those in Millinocket, Maine and surrounding areas that offered advice on Micmac tribal nuances, wildlife, wilderness, dialect, and other important pieces of the North Maine Woods experience.

Eddie Booth the poet.

Richard and the Bertrand family of Maine.

Peter Rieke the violinist and friend of the Bobbsey Twins.

Mort Nickell (-2010) Who did not provide his opinion on the seventeen agencies of the US Intelligence community, but was most concerned about SoBe and the father and son relationships in the books. RIP, Mort. Thank you for your service to our country.

Phillip B. Joyce. Mentor and friend. How fortunate am I.

Dr. Estelle Vera/ Psychoanalyst and esspañol consultant.

Jim Cotton, writer and editor,  who once said, “You’re writing is good, but don’t give up your day job.” Good advise back then.

John Rego. Since the sandbox, the best kind of friend. I dropped the first manuscript into his car at the HS reunion. He said it busted a shock. Diane (1959 – 2018) RIP, my friend.

Rick and Debbie LeVasseur – 5 Lakes Lodge/Millinocket.

Alis Woodard. Español … and swimming.

Chris Gibson. Riddle verification and orthodontics.

Gwen Vincent Janine Lichty.

Baxter State Park Rangers and staff. Maine

Mike Meacher. For his depth of knowledge, especially in the area of firearms and those that use them.

Agent and Manager Shirley Reading : Tha goal againn le cheile air Alba. Appropriatelly my first reader, and critic. My first agent. My encouragement and reality check.


Heather Collings Renfroe – A Queens University genius.

Maureen Ryan Griffin – Writer/ Poet/ Published author/ Teacher.

Patricia “Trish” Benesh, EdD — She successfully sets writers on the right path. Pat sent me my first ten pages of critique in 1993. Life changing.

Hannah Sandoval/ Owner of the Purple Pen and Author.

Josey Hill, who taught me a bit about Hemingway.

Aneesha Roy.

Marguerite Nocchi. We will all say, “I knew her when.”

To Be Continued …