Author’s Note

Many incidents in PERPETUAL are based on my life experiences. As adventurous youth, we drove a beat-up old AMC Matador to an uncle’s house in Miami. As in the novel, our car broke down in Miami Beach at midnight and we met a man who called himself . . . Cracker Jack.

Like that event, much of PERPETUAL is based on actual situations I’ve experienced in corporate America and as an entrepreneur launching companies and products. The colorful characters, fiction of course, and any similarity to those living or dead is purely coincidental. I like what Michael Creighton said, “Everything is true in [Prey], except that which is not.”

The first three PERPETUAL novels are intertwined, following Matthew and Maria through a maze of entrepreneurial intrigue and conflict. For the sake of America’s energy independence, the environment, and potentially Earth’s very survival, let’s hope Matthew is successful, and Maria does not get herself tied up with the criminals she investigates.

What about Cracker Jack? I don’t know. I’ll find out when you find out. Stay tuned!

PERPETUAL 4 and 5 will follow next year as Matthew and Maria continue their pursuits; paths of discovery through life’s adventures. Our hero and heroine navigate the maze of subsequent current events in the style of modern contemporary historical fiction. Will they survive the next explosive crisis?

Enjoy the ride.

The Perpetual Writer

Katie & Lacey — Brian’s early writing partners  

Run and jump through those heavenly fields of wildflowers, 

…We’ll be seeing you.