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Jacob Bigham designed the striking Perpetual classic cover (c) 2008


Benjanmin Hutchens designed the covers for Perpetual Search (c) 2018 ;  Perpetual Assassins(c) 2018; and Perpetual Abducted (c) 2018


Gallery of interesting tidbits



The 1967 VW bus

What does a box of Cracker Jack and a 1967 VW bus have in common?  The bus (a pastel green version) carries you, Matthew and Maria toward destiny.  Enjoy the ride.  Now, the Cracker Jack box . . . that’s a mystery.

Mount Katahdin, home of Pamola the angry great spirit.  (photo by Bucky Arbuckle*)

I know, it’s hard to believe, but Pedro’s home on the border of North and South Carolina is real.  As Katie Weilbacher* says, “it’s garish & hilarious.”  To Matthew and Maria, South of the Border becomes much more than a famous gaudy attraction.


*You can find Katie’s and Bucky’s photography on


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